“I had Breathe Cleaner Aire FL out to my home to test my indoor air quality and clean my air ducts. They showed up on time and were very professional, neat in appearance and very price reasonable. The neatest things they did was video the inside of my ducts with their camera. I could see exactly what was in the ducts before they cleaned them. After they finished, they showed me the results,,,WOW! What a great job! I can highly recommend them!! Now my Family can Breathe Cleaner Aire!”

– Sarah H.

“I called Breathe Cleaner Aire FL because my mother’s 40 year air ducts had never been inspected or cleaned. They arrived on time and personally and cordially introduced themselves to my mother and I, and gave a full description of what they were going to do, and the benifits of the process. My mother has a chronic breathing disability and within a 24 hr period I have noticed a great improvement, thank you so much!”

– David J

“Breathe Cleaner Aire FL came to our house to clean out a badly clogged dryer vent located on the second floor of our home. They were very flexibly with our work schedule, coming out on a Sunday and was kind enough to give a ‘heads up’ call when he was a few minutes away. Really appreciated that he was up front with the price range on the service as well. They showed us a picture of what the vent looked like outside (it was bad!) and then cleaned everything up like new. He was even kind enough to shorten our dryer hose to help prevent it from happening again. Personal and professional, money well spent.”

– Ashley P.

“Breathe Cleaner Aire FL were very personable, thorough, and knowledgeable. We were very pleased with their workmanship. What a difference now in our home.”

– Martin

“I recently moved into a a condo that obviously had been smoked in prior. Breathe Cleaner Aire FL came out and checked my ducts with their video camera and found the problem. They cleaned my ducts and sanatized them. I’m glad I had Breathe Cleaner Aire FL do this and they were less expensive than a couple of others that had given me a quote. I can highly recommend Breathe Cleaner Aire FL! Thanks!”

– Ashley

“I was having a problem with my clothes dryer drying. I thought it was either my dryer or the vent. I called Breathe Cleaner Aire FL and they came out and inspected both and found that swallows had made a nest in my dryer vent. They had gotten in from the outside vent and made a nest about a foot thick. Breathe Cleaner Aire FL took care of this problem and was very reasonably priced. I can highly recommend the business!”

– Betty

“I called Breathe Cleaner Aire FL & it was the best thing I could have done for my home. Breathe Cleaner Aire FL were out the same evening at my convenience for my video consultation. They were on time, had all of their materials, dressed nicely and very courteous. They were able to make my appt on a Sunday and were here and ready to work on time. Everything that was done was explained and I was completely comfortable and satisfied with it all! I just turned my heat on & was pleasanly surprised to not get the burnt dust smell! Thanks Breathe Cleaner Aire FL things are great with our home air quality!!!”

– Bessie C.

“Breathe Cleaner Aire FL came to our home to clean our ductwork before our new heating and a/c system was installed. They ran the camera down several of the vents and we were amazed at all the debri that had accumalated in the ducts. They explained the process and the benefits from having the ductwork cleaned. When they fininshed, they ran the camera down the same ducts and wow, the difference was amazing! I am sure when we start up our new heating system that it will be a wonderful experience and not the old musty smell we had before. Breathe Cleaner Aire FL were extremly nice and friendly and had a very professional attitude. I highly recommend Breathe Cleaner Aire FL for your ductwork cleaning services.”

– Ronald & Janice S.

“Breathe Cleaner Aire FL came to our house to clean the air ducts. They were very professional and knowledgable.”

– Amber

“Breathe Cleaner Aire FL cleaned our air ducts and dryer vent. We had never had this type of service done before. When we saw the video of what was in the air ducts, it was very gross. What a surprise we had when mold was discovered in some of our air ducts. Breathe Cleaner Aire FL got everything all clean and safe. Breathe Cleaner Aire FL were very courteous, friendly, and professional. It was obvious they care about the service they provide and the health benefits to their customers. It was important to them that we understood what they were doing and why. They made sure we were satisfied with their work before leaving.”

– Kelly

“My allergy doctor recommended that I have my ducts cleaned. I contacted Breathe Cleaner Aire FL and they came out, gave me a quote and did an excellent job cleaning my air ducts. I highly recommend Breathe Cleaner Aire FL for anyone wanting to deal with a reputable business!”

– Don

“I was recommended to Breathe Cleaner Aire FL by my HVAC company. I had a weird smell that I couldn’t find where it was coming from. Breathe Cleaner Aire FL came out an sent their video camera into my ducts and found the problem. After cleaning my ducts, they freshened up the place! Wow, what a difference! They was very reasonable too! Very professional. Highly recommend!”

– Sonja