air quality control helps ozone levels in the home
Preventative maintenance air quality control

Air Quality Control

How your air inside your home smells is also part of your indoor air quality control. Some bacteria and viruses are airborne. Love that house, but you don’t want to buy it because it reeks of cigarette smoke or pet urine? A professional ozone treatment may be for you.

Ozone is what is called an oxidizer.  On the microscopic level, the oxidizing process is like a burn or micro-fire as the oxygen atoms from ozone attach and oxidize the target.  The outer membrane of a bacteria or virus keeps it alive but imagine what happens as millions and billions of oxygen atoms attached and burn holes in the outer membrane.  This process happens rapidly and ozone is touching every exposed surface.  Ozone is a reliable method of sanitizing, odor removal, and killing mold and mildew, as it is a broad spectrum sanitizing treatment that is also a chemical-free process.

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